Chiswick Family Photographer


Located on the banks of the Thames, Chiswick is known for Hogarth’s House and London’s oldest brewery. It’s also an area that I particularly enjoy visiting for a family photography session. Chiswick’s open spaces and riverside make for the perfect backdrop for a memorable day and a lovely photoshoot.You can really appreciate Chiswick’s leafy, charming appeal that everyone loves!

chiswick baby and family photographer

I travel at a handful locations for all my family photography sessions and they are chosen for very own reasons.The best location for your photoshoot is when chosen by you & it always seems to be in a place that you love or the place that holds a special meaning to you.Your home is a great location especially for the tiny babies.

Would love to meet you & to be your family photographer to capture a very memorable experience that you will treasure forever.


timeless & organic STORYTELLING

I am a newborn baby, maternity and family photographer based in London. I just love natural, bright locations, all beautiful things about the newborn baby , maternity & family photography. The REAL moments that tell the stories. Absolutely adore photographing these little treasures and I consider it a huge privilege to be asked capturing these moments for you.

My style of London Family Photography is pure, classic and minimalist to accentuate your natural beauty.I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful humans and I cherish them so much. I wish I could just stop time and soak this all in for as long as possible.These are the days when you remember how rewarding is to document such small but meaningful moments in your family life.


Generally, I prefer to shoot either early in the morning or late afternoon during summer season. Midday would be fine in winter, when it is not too cloudy outdoors. I shoot only in natural light.

It is possible to reschedule your family photography sessions that are affected by the weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Family lifestyle photography sessions can last between 1 and 2 hours.

We met Aurelija a few year ago when she came to our house for my maternity photo session. We absolutely felt in love with her vision of photography ,thoughtful approach and great personality. Since then she did another 3 photo sessions for our family and every and each one were just wow!
If you are a lover of a clear, natural captures from a sophisticated angle then this lovely lady with her professional lenses is for you. I highly recommend her as for family as for just portraits photo sessions as she definitely knows how to capture the best of people faces


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