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Hamstead is a great area to live and raise a family. There is a lovely sense of community and great parks to enjoy walks.One of them is Hampstead Heath and is the one of London’s best loved green spaces. The heath has some of the beautiful views and highest points in London for everyone to enjoy.Here are great options for you to consider if you are planning an outdoor session here.Stunning listed pergola ,hill garden and enough green space to really feel like you have escaped the City! There is a beautiful range of natural habitats also includes wide expanses of an ancient woodland and surrounding ponds.

hampstead heath family photographer
Hampstead Heath Family Photography

The best time of the day for outdoor family photography sessions are when the natural light is softer at sunrise or closer to sunset. It’s called the golden hours with the meaning that there are no harsh shadows or bright sun . This type of light gives a dreamy effect and the warm tones to the images.

As a family photographer I serve locations in and around London areas.The best location for your photoshoot is when chosen by you & it always seems to be in a place that you love or the place that holds a special meaning to you.Your home area is a great location for a family photography session especially for the tiny babies.

I will guide you through the all family ,newborn baby or maternity photography session process from beginning to end, including what to wear, picking the perfect location and selecting family portrait images for your home. I will take gentle care to think of every little detail so that you are comfortable and relaxed.

Would love to meet you & to be your family photographer to capture a very memorable experience that you will treasure forever.

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