There is something extra special about taking photos of newborns. I recently had the pleasure of having a newborn photography session with a wonderful young family from Islington, in North London. Snoh is an adorable newborn baby girl who was an absolute joy to photograph. It was lovely getting to meet her and see such a beautiful young child. Her family told me that she came into the world slightly before her due date, but looking at her, I could not tell. She is a very strong little human. Seeing her smiles and laughter melted my heart as I prepared for the shoot.

During the photo session, Snoh was calm and relaxed. Her mother and father both held her in their hands as she fell in and out of sleep. Watching her drift in and out of slumber gave me the opportunity to frame some very special shots. It was a real pleasure to take pictures of her. There was so much love present as I photographed her and her parents. As you can see in the pictures, there were a lot of kisses, hugs, and feelings of love. 

Many years ago, I had the joy of photographing the mother’s sister’s family. It is always a joy to work with a family and get to meet new people and feel a part of it. That is one thing that I love about photography. When I was referred to take photos of little Snoh, I was very excited. Seeing and experiencing the bond between a child and a parent is always priceless. 

I am always available for newborn or family photography in and around North London. If you are in the need of an expert photographer, contact me, and we can set something up. I enjoy working with families and humans of all ages. It was so special and exciting for me to get to know this family better while working with them as they go through life. Freezing a moment in time is something that is wonderful about photography. As a baby grows up, a picture becomes a priceless treasure that tells a story that words can not. If you are looking for a family photographer in North London, I would love to meet you and be a part of a very memorable experience that you will treasure.

I especially love to make a photo session into a story. So if you have a vision that you want to share, let me know. My clients love how I can take a moment and make it into something spectacular. 

“ Aurelija ‘s photos are always of a high standard, showcasing not only the beauty & personalities of the children, but also her skills as a photographer! Aurelija is a pleasure to work with, she is very patient, super kind and genuinely wants to capture the best moments. Her use of natural light makes for a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful photographs. Highly recommend to everyone!”

Deepti x
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