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There are countless of amazing and heart warming milestones your baby will experience as they grow and it’s crucial to capture them.As a Family and Baby Photographer I believe it is important to seize this occasion. Whenever the photoshoot is semi posed or an organic and natural representation of baby’s lifestyle.These these valuable sessions will become a lifetime memory to be cherished forever. Each family or baby photography session brings me joy and excitement .Getting to experience the pure organic love around the babies, this is one of the highlights of working as London baby photographer . The very idea of having the power to frame the milestones of your family , which is exactly what baby photography allows me to do. I can emphasise and accentuate those precious and innocent moments and create your very own unique story. 

Here are some ideas to prepare your baby for the family photoshoot.The best time to photograph babies is around 6 to 9 months of age. At this stage babies tend to be alert ,cheeky and always curious about their surroundings , luckily it adds depth into baby photography.For baby and family photography sessions together, it sometimes includes other family members or siblings into the scene. So lets say simply having a sibling on the side (especially if they are close in age )can add extra interest into the photograph.I particularly find family and baby shoots a beautiful moment to capture , the thought of capturing a pure bond between the baby and the parents is so simple yet so powerful as it allows you to see it well established at the early stages already .

We can also incorporate  some simple props such as a  basket , teddy  bears or even kitchen utensils like a jar of dry pasta or a wooden spoon ,keeping it most natural and organic to reflect the simple and innocent nature of the baby.

baby photography ideas
Toddler kissing baby photography idea
Sleeping baby photography
Sleeping Baby Photography Idea
Mother with baby photography
Mother laughing with baby photography idea
Daddy and baby photography
Baby admire daddy photography idea
Baby is sitting on the armchair photography
Baby sitting on the armchair photography idea
Baby is sitting on the floor next to the parents photography
Baby is sitting near the parents on the floor photography idea
Smiling baby photoshoot
Smiling baby photography idea
Siblings photography
Siblings together photography idea
Baby with props photography
Baby with props photoshoot idea
Siblings playing photography
Siblings playing photography idea
Baby in the bucket
Baby in the bucket photography idea
Baby holding parents hands photogragraphy
Baby holding parents hands photography idea

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Fell in love with photography when I had my first baby.In few years time I found myself completely inspired with. It came something from inside.I am a mother of three wonderful children and a wife of loving husband.They remind me everyday how important it is to all precious MOMENTS their lives.I am a FAMILY person, loving experience the real moments that surrounds me being with my own family and children.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website. As a baby and family photographer I hope that my ideas will touch you in some way and it would bring me great joy to be able to be your baby photographer.

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